Our Commitment to Sustainability


Sustainability is an empirical value held by our Company. It is a process of ensuring the discreet use of all resources within a framework in which economic, environmental and social factors are integrated and balanced. This means improving the quality of life both now and for generations to come.

Garden Square, where it can have direct influence, recognises its responsibility of stewardship for the environment and for the health and well being of its staff. We recognise that sustainability is a local, regional, national and global responsibility. We will meet our commitment to sustainability through delivery of service and in the way we operate as an organisation.


The corporate responsibility for this policy rests with the managing director. Staff are personally committed to its success.

Compliance Obligation:

Through our business processes, inclusive of quality, environment and occupational health and safety, we shall comply with applicable legislation, regulations; codes of practice and other standards of relevance to our industry in which we operate. Save money in terms of consumption, waste and recycling.

Sustainability Resource Use:

Our aim is to meet at all times the latest best practices that affect our industry. We shall wherever practicable adopt sustainable schemes and listen to the latest developments in Government thinking on 'incorporating sustainability in landscape design'; 'integrating aesthetics and ecology into urban green infrastructure for water, wildlife, and well-being'; and 'use of urban flower meadow displays as an environmental approach for open spaces'. The use also of landscape top soils and grassed areas shall be considered as part of our sustainability vision. We shall optimise maximum reuse and recycling of organic materials and any agents used during the delivery of our service.

Value Chain:

Garden Square, where it can have influence, employs a 'Green' procurement policy on all equipment, control agents and organic materials used in its operations and support processes.


Garden Square strives for continued growth through our employee's absolute commitment to long term trusting partnerships with customers and contractors. We aim to do this by developing a company culture that places a high priority on quality sustainability. We aim to maximise the efficient use of energy and materials and take positive actions promoting continual improvement in sustainability performance.

Measuring & Monitoring:

Garden Square will set indicators to measure progress, encourage, where practicable and viable, other partners to adopt sustainable best practice. Carry out an annual review of this policy and action plan.

Managing Director